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1 Second Folder Encryption is a system security tool
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1 Second Folder Encryption is a system security tool. It can effectively disable access to a certain directory on your computer. I don't exactly know how the application accomplishes this, but it does work. It's very easy and fast to use the program, as its name suggests. You select a folder on your system and click on the "encrypt" button. After that, the folder is renamed and a "." is added to the end of its name. This is done, I assume, to identify the encrypted folders. Once you encrypt a folder, all access to it is terminated. You can't rename it, open it, delete it or even copy it; neither from Windows nor from the command line. You don't get asked for a password, it simply says that the folder is unavailable whenever you try to access it, which is a good thing since it doesn't tell any user what program has been applied to protect it. The encrypted folder doesn't change its status when 1 Second Folder Encryption isn't running. To regain access to a folder, you simply select it and click on "decrypt". You also set a password so that the application is protected and no one can decrypt folders without your permission.

José Fernández
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